Frequently Asked Questions

24h Emergency Electrical Service

A.  First choose an electrical contractor in Edmonton with a great track record, and one whom you feel comfortable with. Second, the contractor of your choice will need to submit a request to your local utility company to do the work, once this is done you can get a date for the work to be completed.

A.  Depending on the configuration and the size of panel, you’re looking between 4-7 hours start to finish.

A. Typically no, issues in the home are usually confined to the branch circuit to where you’re having issues. These will have to be addressed separately.

A. No. Electrical service sizes are done as per the electrical code in your area, the general rule of thumb is bases on the size of your home and the loads you have attached, which will determine the size of electrical service you need.

A. Hot tubs, EV cars chargers and secondary suites are the leading reasons why you would need to increase your electrical service.

A. Ignore your friend, turn off the computer and find an Edmonton electrician whom you feel comfortable with, one that has a proven track record of performance. Electrical is dangerous and expensive, please work with an electrician that can advise you accordingly.

A. Often, we see clients paying people the same amount of money for a pony panel as it would cost to replace the entire panel with a bigger one.  I would go with replacement that way I never have to worry again.